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Shickel Corporation's Executive Management's commitment to quality begins at the core, in the Vision and Mission of the Company.  Acknowledging that purposeful planning is required to fulfill the vision and mission, the Executive Management of Shickel Corporation has approved a written Quality Management System which permeates all aspects of its work.  Both Mark and Gary Shickel sit on the Quality Management Team, the group responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Quality Management System.  The Quality Management System includes vital aspects like Document and Data Control, Nonconformance Procedures, Corrective Action Procedures, Continual Improvement, Inspection and Testing.  It also includes important technical information for the field of metal fabrication such as welding certification, equipment maintenance and bolt tightening.

In January of 2016, Shickel Corporation received the American Institute of Steel Construction's Certification for Structural Steel Fabricators.  The Standard for Steel Building Structures, 2006, states that "The purpose of the AISC Certification Program for Structural Steel Fabricators is to confirm to owners, the design community, building officials, and the construction industry that a certified structural steel fabrication facility has the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, and commitment to produce fabricated steel of the quality required for normal structural steel building construction."

In its quest for quality, Shickel Corporation realizes that its greatest asset is its people.  Our team is comprised of a unique group of individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to consistently turn out great products for our customers.  Our co-workers thrive on the challenges present in the custom metal industry and are committed to meeting our customer's expectations.


These challenging projects are our niche.  Our customer's bring them to us from a wide variety of industries.  The quality requirements we have met range from detailed heat mapping and meticulous surface finish requirements in the Pharmaceutical industry, to Non-Destructive Examination of welds by a Certified Weld Inspector in the Structural Steel sector.  Our dedication to quality enables us to meet the needs of our discerning customers, no matter what the application.

"Pursue excellence with integrity."  This is part of our Mission Statement, and is the driving force of our quality program.