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What Makes Shickel Corporation A Special Place to Work?


Shickel Corporation has a unique organizational culture that emphasizes quality and customer service as the keys to its success.  The Shickel management team realizes it takes everyone working together to be able to turn these keys to unlock the success that we have enjoyed for over 75 years, through three generations of Shickel family leadership.

It is not enough to just have good people; it is the relationships between these people that makes the difference.  The owners and managers understand that all relationships are built on the foundation of mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.  These relationships between co-workers, managers and staff, and between all levels of the company determine our ability to work together to get the job done and satisfy our customer's needs.  Our customers value relationships too.  They buy their services and products from people they trust and have established solid working relationships with and that is why our customers turn to Shickel year after year.

Gary Shickel, Vice President of Operations, has said many times, "Quality people do quality work."  They also make a quality organization that values people as individuals and their contributions to making Shickel Corporation a special place to start, establish, and complete your career.