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University of Mary Washington

University Center, Fredericksburg, VA

Located in the heart of campus, the 104,000 sq. ft. University Center is the “central hub of student activity” (Boyer, 2013). The first thing students and faculty see when they enter the University Center is the monumental stair that Shickel Corporation crafted for the facility. The design team of Burt Hill Stantec wanted the stair to cantilever, meaning that the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors would be supported solely by the stair. The complex design required close coordination with the general contractor, Donley’s, LLC. Our team fabricated each flight of the stair in our shop in Bridgewater, Virginia, then disassembled and installed the stair on site. (See time lapse video here). The stringers were fabricated using rolled and helical plates welded together to form a tube section.  The stringers were filled with concrete once installed on-site to add weight to dampen the vibration of the stair.  Shickel Corporation purchased the concrete and rented a pumper truck to fill the stringers.   



We also installed the curved and straight glass along with the stainless steel railings. 




Shickel Corporation fabricated and installed the beautifully intricate railings for the exterior of the building. The snowflake design required over 28 pieces of metal to be precisely arranged and then welded into place to create just one panel.



The stair rails and curved ramp rail on the left of the building were also fabricated and installed by Shickel.



UMW President Richard V. Hurley said, “We can all be proud of what the University Center represents – the heart of UMW-and what it will mean to the quality of life of our students – now and well into the future.” (Spence, 2015). Shickel Corporation is proud to have been a partner in creating this facility.






Project Team:

Design Team: Burt Hill Stantec

Professional Engineer: Engineering Solutions

General Contractor: Donley's LLC

Woodwork: Campostella Builders & Supply

Terrazzo: Roman Mosaic & Tile Co.

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