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We Know Metal

As part of our 75th Anniversary celebration, we created 5 projects to photograph for an email campaign. Each project highlights a specific skill set that Shickel has honed over the decades.

We started with a Shickel-style anniversary plaque. The hallmark red gear background is made from 3/16" hot rolled carbon steel, powder coated red. The 75 is made from 1-1/2" Sch 40 polished stainless steel, a material we commonly use for handrail. We kept the mitres and corners crisp to mimic the current style of railing architecture.

Our machine shop is our foundation. Some of the lathes we still use have been here for decades. Of course we've modernized the shop with new CNC equipment, too. The 75th anniversary gear hearkens our Machine Shop roots while incorporating modern architecture effects.

Helen, Mark and Gary Shickel





These 8" tall letters were made from  1" hot rolled carbon steel plate. They were cut on our waterjet over the course of 8 hours. The raw finish combined with the sheer proportion and weight of these letters showcase the fundamental properties of steel - sturdy and steadfast




 This "gate" created for the Architectual Project Spotlight email was cut on our plasma cutting table (click the link to see a video). We then powdercoated it black to give it a distinct, crisp look.



Stainless steel is our specialty and these letters gave us a chance to display our skills and showcase our capabilities. Our skilled employees fabricated "We Know Metal" out of 12 ga x 4" wide stainless steel sheet.



Our final piece, a 3 foot bronze plaque, was inspired by the Monumental stair at Christoper Newport University.


Special thanks to our Graphic Designer, Jaye Brumfield at The Hatchery Design Company and to our photographers, Ryan and Ashley Swartz of Swartz Photography.

75GearAssembly - 2D DRAWING - S