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Metal Finishing


Our spray paint facility is equipped with a 20' wide x 50' long x 16’ high cross draft paint booth with computerized controls which make the unit efficient and environmentally friendly.  It features a heated cure cycle and can accommodate very large machines and fabricated structures.  Our modern powder coating operation features a 13' x 18' x 9' oven.

Surface preparation is accomplished by several methods based on a customer's specific project requirements:

  • In a large 14' x 42' x 16' steel grit blast room
  • A conveyor fed steel shot blast booth capable of accommodating 50' beams, hand rails, and other structures
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Pressure washing

Our painters are skilled in the application of coating systems ranging from two-part epoxies to standard shop coat primers to powder coatings. To protect the environment, HVLP (high volume low pressure) and electrostatic paint equipment and solvent recycling are used.

Many Shickel customers require special finishes. We routinely polish stainless steel to a mirror finish, passivate stainless steel for pharmaceutical manufacturing, galvanize steel to protect it from rusting, anodize aluminum for a durable attractive finish just to mention a few of the special finish services our customers require. Our skilled craftsmen, using specialized equipment, assure a durable finish, pleasing to the eye and in the exact color you specify.